Editor’s Letter

Introducing Magnus Oculus

If this is your first visit; welcome to Magnus Oculus, your essential redux dose of all that is aesthetically pleasing that has caught our attention. The focus is fashion, but expect pieces on design, film, food, music and whatever else might be rocking our world at any given moment.

The name is Latin for ‘Big Eye’;(shhh we know the grammar should read Oculus Magnus, but then we might sound Occultish and that we defo are not!), and we aim to keep our eyes focused on all that inspires or even reviles so that you don’t have to trawl a million and one sites to find it out for yourself. We also like to think we have a Classical, rigorous curatorial approach to things hence the ‘Latin moment’. And ‘Big Eye’ is also a nod to Nigerian street slang (we’re proudly based in sunny Lagos), where having ‘big eye’ is all about having an insatiable appetite and desire for all things that are gorgeous, sensorial overload in their nature and maybe just a little bit addictive.

We’d love to hear from our readers too so feel free to post below the line (if you need to be mean, do it with aplomb, no illiterate trolls allowed)  or you can contact us directly at info@magnusoculus.com

Until next time,